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     Hello. I'm glad you could stop for this visit and I bid you Welcome ! Let's start with the logo. My name is Dale and I do make chips. They are a by-product of my cutting and carving and since something like "WoodenArtObjectMakinDale" didn't have much of a ring to it, I came up with "ChippinDale".

     Next, I'd like to talk about my hobby that soon grew into a nice little business. I love the outdoors where you can find amazing things to work with. Most of the items I use in my artwork are the wild and wonderful little oddities that we find in the forest and along the local beaches. Some of the strangest are what I call 'burls' although some people call them 'galls' or 'gall-nuts'. These are growths that develop around an injury on the limb or trunk of a tree (usually a pine or fir.) When they are sliced, they reveal a beautiful and intricate pattern of grains and colours. Shaping and carving turn these into little flowers, butterflies and mushrooms, which are the basis for many of the designs I create.

      On the following pages you'll find a variety of my wood work as well as information about the material I use, and a little bit about myself.

I hope you'll enjoy your visit. To order - or if you have any comments - please send me an e-mail. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!



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